Bad postures generate bone lesions

Keep a good corporeal posture It has great benefits for your health and physical appearance; you will also avoid repercussions like muscle problems and of column .

The doctor María Elena Mazadiego González , coordinator of the Health Education clinic, of the Unit in Physical Medicine and North Rehabilitation (UMFRN), of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), points out that the bad postures that are acquired in childhood and adolescence cause, upon reaching the adult stage, pain or injuries Chronicles that harm health.

For this reason, he recommends monitoring the body weight since childhood; the patient who has overweight and obesity , with the passage of time, acquires bad postures and is the one who suffers more problems.

The specialist said that the use of inappropriate shoes, sitting or sleeping in incorrect positions, can cause back pain, knees , hip , neck and deviation in the column , which can lead to disability mild to severe, which affects the quality of life of people.

For this reason, the clinical coordinator of Health Education stressed the need to "do physical activity , sports and recreational activities so that our body is balanced and support any position , and we have no repercussions. " Also important are the frequent changes of position (15 to 20 minutes) of arms, neck and that being a long time inactive, our muscles They contract, fatigue and hurt.

Between the treatments for this condition are the therapies , which are provided three times a day, with application of heat or cold, as the case may be and exercises soft that increase little by little to strengthen the system muscle skeletal, with the help of garters or weights, according to the medical prescription.

To decrease the pain and avoid injuries serious, perform daily exercises of heating on the four axes in which your body moves: anterior, posterior and lateral (right and left); Do 10 to 20 repetitions in each joint to stretch them and so keep your muscles Y bones relaxed and resistant.

Get moving and improve your quality of life!

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