Are you addicted to diets?

Eating disorders are variations of common eating habits that lead to the development of diseases caused by an emotional state such as anxiety , depression or excessive concern about weight and physical appearance.

Among the most frequent eating disorders are:

1. Anorexia nervosa . Denial of food, which leads to extreme weight loss.

2. Bulimia . Characterized by constant "binge eating" followed by induced vomiting or the use of laxatives and diuretics as a compensatory effect.
3. Orthorexia . Obsession for "healthy food".
4. Vigorexia . Obsession for a perfect body using food supplements.
5. Binge eating disorder . Fast intake, and usually in secret, of a high amount of calories in a short period of time, accompanied by the feeling of guilt.
6. Permarexia . Obsession with food and always be diet.

The permarexia It is a psychological syndrome that affects mainly women, who think that everything that is ingested fattens, so they are constantly subjected to Diets to lose weight .

It is an obsession characterized by thoughts about food, in addition to keeping track of the calories consumed and continue permanently and severely the subsistence allowance , in addition to presenting constant and drastic increases and decreases in weight.

Currently, this eating disorder is little known, however it is important to consider its long-term effects, mainly in the modifications it may cause in the metabolism , because drastic weight changes can lead to a bad state nutrition and functioning of the organism.

Being constantly subjected to fad diets, the use of supplements, home remedies and other unreliable techniques for weight loss, indicate the lack of healthy habits.

One way in which the appearance of these disorders can be prevented is to educate children from an early age on topics of nutrition , so they can make informed decisions about their diet.

The permarexia It is a disorder that must be diagnosed early, so it is recommended that the person who identifies these symptoms seek help from a multidisciplinary health team consisting of doctors, nutritionists and psychologists to prevent health complications.

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