Get away from the traffic!

Do you live in a city? Then it will not be strange for you to spend hours in traffic when you go to the office or your home. Beyond the anger and stress caused by noise and boredom, how does it hurt the traffic Your Health?


A study conducted by the Chalmers Technological University details that the noise generated in the traffic causes different health problems in people, so it is urgent that there are laws that regulate auditory pollution.

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Get away from the traffic!

Other studies detail that traffic It is the trigger for health problems such as stress and heart disease, but what other damage does it cause in the body?


  1. Brain . The smoke and gases emitted by cars affect the capacity for learning and memory, according to the University of California .
  2. Change your genes A study of Harvard University He details that breathing the air in traffic can alter a newborn's genome at the molecular level.
  3. Heart . An investigation published in New England Journal Medical notes that the inhalation of gases emitted by diesel generate changes in the electrical activity of the heart.
  4. Asthma . The association of gases and particles emitted by the exhaust pipes increases asthma attacks and sensitivity to other allergies.
  5. Sleep disorders. When people live near an avenue, it is normal that the noise generated does not allow the body to rest properly, which causes agitation, decreased attention and sleeping problems.

Even other research highlights that the traffic It is responsible for diseases such as hypertension, stroke, speech problems, heart attacks and diabetes.

If you do not want to suffer from this type of problem, look for a healthier solution like cycling or walking. Even, try to use less and less your car to decrease the levels of pollution and avoid damage to your health. And you, how many times a day do you expose yourself to traffic?

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