Make-up for personal use

Enjoy a dermis Clean is not an impossible mission. However, certain habits must be carried out to maintain a young skin and a primary factor to achieve this is the hygiene we have with the cosmetics that we use daily.

In an interview for GetQoralHealth the dermatologist Rufina Villanueva notes: "Cleaning is essential to avoid any type of infection and our face is no exception. We must remember that makeup is for personal use. We should not share it with anyone. "

In this sense the dermatologist recommends that a cosmetic for each area of ​​the body: "It is not advisable for people to buy a beauty product that" serves "to paint the eyes and also the mouth. That's wrong because all the bacteria and viruses in one area go to another part of our body. "

The expert in skin care, emphasizes that if you share cosmetics : makeup , lipstick , shades , mascara or blush the health of the skin is put at risk. Injuries may appear in the dermis like snoring and irritation, which will detonate in a allergy ”.


Make-up for personal use

Villanueva reiterates that the articles cosmetics and beauty should have a unique use and follow the instructions of each product, since there is makeup or shadows of day or night that should not be applied at any time of the day:

"This is why there are instructions on the products, but most people forget them, but if they have certain specifications it is for something, because maybe if someone uses a product that is daytime at night, they can be covered. pores of the skin or if you put on a makeup at night in the day, you can cause an allergy to be in contact with the sun.

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