Let nothing stop you!

Sometimes people are so accustomed to the routine and sensations they experience on a daily basis that they do not realize that their self-esteem is not optimal; However, there are some habits to improve self-esteem and live in a full and happy way.

People who enjoy high self-esteem are happier, more productive and enjoy life despite the complications, so it is important that you learn to strengthen it. Check the video to achieve it successfully.


Let nothing stop you!

According to information published in The Huffington Post When the self-esteem is high, the person is stronger emotionally and resistant to the tensions that surround it. Therefore, follow these tips:


  1. Surround yourself with happy people. Researchers of the Framingham Heart Study They detail that people who are close to self-confident people with a high degree of happiness are more likely to be happy in the future.
  2. Happy thinking If at any time you feel that everything is not going well with your life, try to think of something you like, this will make you recover your level of happiness, satisfaction and productivity, says a study published in the Academy of Management Journal .
  3. Celebrate your achievements When you are aware of all that you can achieve and obtain by your effort you will increase the level of your self-esteem. Recognize everything you do from the smallest to the greatest.
  4. Help the others. Devoting a little time to others will make you feel fuller with yourself and fill you with positive energy. According to a program called Americans Changing Lives , altruism improves mental and physical health.
  5. Forget about the trivial. A study published in the magazine Psychological Science He details that people who participate in a deeper conversation experience feelings of satisfaction.
  6. Listen out. With this you will enjoy to the maximum the knowledge of others, which will give you self-confidence. In addition, it strengthens relationships and generates more satisfying experiences. Even, specialists from Center for Cognitive and Social Neuroscience at the University of Chicago They detail that being in contact with others decreases levels of anxiety.
  7. Be more spiritual and discover your goals. A study of University of British Columbia , in Canada, details that people who have a purpose in life are happier and have a high degree of self-esteem.

In addition, it is very important that people remain physically active to stimulate endorphins, which generate happiness and safety. And you, what habits do you put into practice to increase your self-esteem?