Does Diabetes produce Alzheimer's?

In Mexico there are around 8 million people with diabetes, according to figures from the Mexican Diabetes Federation . This disease is not only among the main, chronic-degenerative of the country, but it is possible that its presence in the body can trigger another Alzheimer's disease.

A study conducted by the Salk Institute, in the United States , it was discovered that diabetes increases the development of some characteristics of aging, among them the first pathological events of Alzheimer's disease.

Alzheimer's is a geriatric syndrome that affects more than 5% of adults over 65 years old, according to the Health Secretary . It is usually characterized by the loss of memory and language skills.

In the research the specialists found that diabetes increases the accumulation of beta amyloid and tau protein, especially in the cells that surround the blood vessels. This situation, it is believed, can contribute to the destruction of neurons, characteristic of Alzheimer's.

Pamela Maher , specialist and leader of the research, points out that this is a great advance to demonstrate the link that exists between diabetes, aging and Alzheimer's.

Among its conclusions, the study suggests that the neurovascular system may be a good candidate for new therapeutic alerts, to treat Alzheimer's disease in the early stages of that disease.

Diabetes, like Alzheimer's, are diseases that have not only a monetary but also a social cost, since they affect both the patient and the family.

Maintaining a life that includes a balanced diet and exercise can help you prevent these conditions.

Video Medicine: Diabetes & Alzheimer’s -- save your brain by going to the gym | Ewan McNay | TEDxAlbany (May 2022).