Language reflects your state of health

The tongue is an organ endowed with thousands of nerve endings associated with different organs in the body, so it is constituted as a clear map of your state of health.

The tongue contains water, electrolytes, mucus and enzymes, so it is an organ of great sensitivity and its appearance varies depending on the physical changes of the body.

When an organ or system does not work properly, it can capture this message, which makes evident in its coloration, texture and the shapes that are reflected in it.

It is also an extension of the stomach and it reflects immediately if there is any impairment in its operation, as explained by the specialistGonzalo Guerra Flecha, from the Medical-Surgical Center for Digestive Diseases, Spain , in the video of TVE:

In accordance with Tomás Alcocer, specialist of the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Beijing , the language is divided into 3 parts, which represent a set of organs.

"The tip reveals the state of the lungs and the heart; the middle part, the stomach and the spleen; the sides, the gallbladder and the liver; while the bottom part, the kidneys. "

In addition to these indicators, there are some others such as temperature, which reflects the functioning of the circulatory system and, therefore, the heart; In addition, the color indicates the amount of blood in the body, and the coating that is the whitish layer of fungi and dento-bacterial plaque, which helps determine how advanced or serious a condition may be.

Therefore, according to these indicators, Chinese medicine considers the following variations regarding the language and how it reflects certain diseases, with information from

1. Pale tongue . Indicates possible deficiency in the circulation and transport of nutrients, so it may be an indication of anemia . Many times, the central crack indicates that there is a lot of fluid in the kidneys.2. Red tongue. It manifests a congestion of red blood cells and an increase in body temperature. The red dots reveal that there is an infectious process in progress.3. Tongue with white coating. reveals a decrease in temperature in the digestive system.4. Tongue with yellow coating : shows an increase in heat in the stomach, which can be caused by the consumption of spicy food on a regular basis.

As part of an adequate diagnosis of the language, it is divided into several regions, which provide specific information for the whole health status. These are the tip, sides, center, and root.

These indicators are used to make an adequate reading, by observing the state of the language, not only for the traditional Chinese medicine used, but also the western one, and that allow a more complete diagnosis of your physical and emotional state.

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