Know some natural dietary supplements!

Chances are you've ever wondered if your diet is really adequate or if you need to take supplements dietetics, which are often recommended as a replacement or supplement to meals.}

However, supplements are recommended when you have any disease that interferes with the absorption of nutrients and generates nutritional deficiencies, since a diet Balanced provides your body with all the nutrients necessary for its proper functioning.

Sometimes, advertising confers "magical" attributes to this type of supplements, although in reality they do not always improve health. That is why it is important to choose them and, above all, that a specialist recommends them.


Know some natural dietary supplements!

However, the quality of life of those who live in large cities, where pollution and stress levels are high, requires that we resort to certain dietary supplements of natural origin such as:

Bee pollen: The microscopic spores that make up the pollen they have great value in combating allergies and it is located as a good complement for your diet, since they contain 30% of proteins , 30% carbohydrates, 5% fat and many other minor elements.

No animal or vegetable food has such a concentration of vitamins like pollen, that is, it has as much or more vitamin B1 (thiamin) as yeast extract or wheat germ, more vitamin B2 (riboflavin) than eggs and milk; its content in vitamin C is similar to spinach, tomato or bananas, and in some types of pollen the content of vitamin E is similar to that of wheat germ, peanuts or olive oil.

It is one of the fastest-acting food supplements on the body: many people after three or four days of taking it, often experience a feeling of well-being and strength.

The consumption of pollen stimulates all the functions of the body, especially digestive and intestinal and is an excellent remedy against anemia. In addition, it helps to lower the blood pressure and regulates the levels of glucose .

Thanks to vitamin A and the zinc it contains, it improves eyesight, eye fatigue and other visual disturbances, and for those who perform intellectual work, pollen is ideal to obtain greater capacity, ease of assimilation and strengthen memory.

Glucomannan: This is one of the dietary supplements that help you get off weight . It is a fiber extracted from the root of the Konjac plant, very common in India and Indochina, which absorb up to 200 times more water than its dry weight and swells in our stomach causing a feeling of fullness.

It is used mostly in slimming regimens because of the satiety effect and the control of constipation . In addition, it reduces the levels of cholesterol bad (LDL)

Glucomannan is marketed as a powder or capsules or should be taken half an hour before meals with one or two glasses of water. People with diabetes or intestinal obstruction should consult their doctor about the use of this supplement.

Folic acid: These supplements decrease the risk of abortion involuntary and certain congenital defects such as spina bifida. It is an essential nutrient for the maturation of red blood cells s, base of the immune system.

The foods that contain folic acid , a vitamin Water-soluble group B, are green leafy vegetables, asparagus, some fruits, beans, yeast, organ meats (such as liver and kidneys), orange juice and tomato juice.

Remember that self-medication carries its risks and vitamin and nutritional supplements are substances that can alter your health, if they are not prescribed by a specialist.

The best thing is not to depend on supplements, but to eat in a healthier, more natural way and without so many processed foods. And you, do you eat food supplements? Why?

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