Kefir and its benefits

For centuries it was the best kept secret of many tribes of Caucasian origin. Today the kefir It is known all over the world, and every day it gathers more followers. Also called Bulgarian yogurt , it is a fermented milk, product of the combination of probiotic bacteria (Lactobacillus acidophilus) Y yeast (Saccharomyces kefir) in a matrix of proteins , lipids and sugars.

The granules that are used for its preparation look similar to the cauliflower. There are three types of kefir : of milk, water and tea or Kombucha ( it is a fermented beverage with a slight acid taste); some think that water is better than milk, but the most widespread is the latter because it tastes better.

Benefits of kefir

Among its many advantages is to help reinforce the defenses of the organism, particularly during the recovery of some diseases. It has been used successfully in conditions such asrheumatism , asthma , constipation , arterial hypertension , arthritis , gastric ulcers bad digestion or absorption of food, inflammatory diseases chronic and as a nutritional supplement in diseases such as cancer or HIV AIDS

Like most natural products, the Bulgarian yogurt It regulates the functions of the organism little by little because it has a high power detoxifying and restructures the acid-base. It is also slightly stimulating, so its use is adequate against tiredness and stress .

According to the American Dietetic Association , the consumption of this Bulgarian yogurt It is highly recommended to improve the assimilation capacity of food and regulate intestinal transit, while reducing levels of cholesterol and the risk of suffering colon cancer ; In addition, the kefir soft is a good laxative , but if it is swallowed strong it is a vigorous astringent .

A study recently published by The Food Institute notes that it reduces the symptoms of lactose intolerance in adults. The key is that the composition of kefirada milk, which is very different from that of normal milk. It can also be given to babies and women who are breastfeeding or pregnant.

On an emotional level, it is advisable to use it in cases of anxiety , because it improves sleep and appetite, decreasing depressions .



  1. Do not drink any of the Kefires (milk, water or tea) if you notice any abnormal change in texture, smell or taste.
  2. Be very careful with the preparation of the Kombucha , because it can be contaminated with mold and be dangerous to health.
  3. Always use elements of the highest quality (milk of good origin, for example).

Would you like to try it and take advantage of its benefits?

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