Is it the same for men and women?

For better or for worse some of the decisions we make in life, are the product of intuition, that sixth sense that is so much attributed to women, but that is not exclusive to them, and that most of the time is very wise .

It is not an act of magic, but is the result of all the experiences we have lived, the way we learn to observe and detect the emotions that are related to each of these experiences. Intuition manifests itself every time we feel that inner warning of not relating to a certain person or taking a path instead of another.

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Is it the same for men and women?

Like all the skills that we develop throughout life, it develops in the brain, as explained by the psychologist Hans Olvera, researcher at the Universidad Iberoamericana , "The male and female brain work in different ways, in the first case they have a lag that privileges the activity of the left hemisphere, which gives priority to words rather than feelings, although they are equally capable of living them do not synchronize with your arguments.

In the second case, women are able to simultaneously activate both hemispheres, the left one that identifies the concepts of the words and the right that is where feelings and emotions inhabit.

"That's why a woman is more expressive in acts and words, but one of the frequent problems that men face is that they can hardly convince that they feel love, because their words are not reinforced by their body language, as it happens. with them ", explains the specialist.

And this brain function is to which we owe the fact that women are more intuitive and at a given time can take themselves or help someone else, make a more accurate decision.


Learn to acquire it

Certainly, intuition is a great ally, however it should not become the only source when choosing a path in any aspect of life, because as Hans Olvera explains, the fact that one of its main references rests on feelings and emotions can move us to not be so objective in any situation, and we run the risk of being carried away by what generates us in this level.

In this regard, says the specialist, it is important to make use of it but without leaving aside reality, experience and above all, not allowing emotions to dominate, because if we allow this to happen, far from turning it into a Support can become a problem.

It is about being open to the analysis of each of our actions, of reviewing our results, what we did well so that something could happen as we planned it or what our areas of opportunity are. Being attentive to listening to other people's experiences, reading, finding out about what is going on around us, are some of the ways in which we can nourish intuition and make it a good counselor.

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