IPN creates gelatin for hair to grow

Hair loss and slow nail growth , are problems that affect the majority of women and men in the country; either by bad eating habits or by genetics this could have a simple solution.

Students of the National School of Biological Sciences of the National Polytechnic Institute, They made a gelatin enriched with hydrolyzed collagen, tapioca, whey and flavored with extracts from orange peel and lemon, which stimulates the nail growth and hair.

With this food the students hope to contribute to the prevention of joint diseases, because it favors the protection of connective tissues and improves digestion.

The students of the Engineering career Biochemistry of the ENCB They indicated that collagen is present in some foods, but it is a very large protein and it is difficult for the body to digest it, it is better to obtain it hydrolyzed. "In the human body this nutrient begins to diminish around the 25 years, its inclusion in the daily diet is recommendable to have a healthy life".

They said that hydrolyzed collagen is a predigested protein and therefore has greater bioavailability in the body, which allows it to be absorbed better and more quickly than a conventional gelatin that has a lower assimilation.

Gelatin, which is named after Gely fi, contains the necessary daily dose of collagen to keep the body healthy, so that the consumption of a daily dessert meets the necessary requirements, also contains good quality proteins from the whey.

In addition to collagen, gelatin is also made with tapioca, a very nutritious food that does not contain gluten, so it can be consumed by people intolerant to it.

Among its nutrients highlights the content of beneficial fats for the body, provides complex carbohydrates, vitamins B and C, minerals such as potassium, iron and calcium, as well as having digestive properties, emollients and astringents.

Gely fi can be consumed at any age. What do you expect to try this 100% natural product? Take care of your health now!

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