Praying and believing in God does not make you healthier

Pray Y to believe in God it could help you to win heaven in your next life, but it does not change your health much, says new studies published by the Strictch School of Medicine at Loyola University in Chicago.


Being religious has little effect when it comes to preventing hypertension, high blood pressure and in fact, those people who participated in the study and self-proclaimed themselves the most religious , had the highest levels of hypertension.


The study was conducted with a small sample of volunteers, however, it is the first of its kind to study the effect of spirituality , leaving aside the assistance and benefits provided by being part of a community, to clarify its effectiveness on health by itself.


Other studies have investigated that regular attendance at a church or religious community , have positive effects on health, apart from the fact that these communities play an important role in communicating good habits to their followers.


Currently there are many religious communities that motivate their parishioners to exercise more , and even to organize sporting events to promote group unity and health care.


It is here, where the good eating habits and exercise, not prayers, they have a fundamental role at the moment of making you healthier. Kneeling for 45 minutes can never make up for a good walk or a race a day.


Source: Live Science.