Image quality, essential

Detect the breast cancer by way of timely could save the life of approximately 10 women that daily they die in Mexico because of this disease.

Although the mammography is one of the best methods of early detection, there are certain failures techniques that can affect the quality of the images , reducing well the possibilities of a diagnosis plus accurate , points out the General Directorate of Reproductive Health of the Health Secretary .


Image quality, essential

Arturo del Toro , Business Development Manager of the division Shipcare Healthcare Mexico , says that currently doctors Y specialists demand a good one quality of image for the purpose of detect alterations, stains and shadows in the breast tissues .


There are studies that confirm that when passing a conventional monitor to one of medical degree , increases 30% the level of reliability of the diagnosis ", Adds Del Toro .

According to National Institute of Cancerology , the accuracy in the diagnosis depends on the proper training of the radiologist and the terms in which theimages , With respect to you contracted , brightness and calibration of the monitors used in amammography digital.

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