Foreign accent syndrome affects speech muscles

The foreign accent syndrome occurs in those people who survive a cerebrovascular accident or traumatic event but that leaves sequels or injuries, which cause the patient to speak in a very strange way, with a strong accent as if Foreign .

This condition is caused by damage in the areas of brain that affect the speaks and the coordination of muscles that are used when speaking. It changes the way a person pronounces the vowels and consonants, it generates changes in the rhythm when speaking, as well as the different positions of the language during the act.

It does not mean that a person can speak two languages, but that it affects speech in a degree that sounds like a different country or region within their own country.

A misperception of this strange medical condition is that the affected person speaks in a different language or in a specific accent. This is because he is forced to produce a speech which sounds very similar to a pre-existing dialect.

People suffering from this syndrome seem to talk with remains of several Accents different, and listeners can choose the accent with which they are most familiar.

Although there is no known cure, therapy language It produces some improvements for people with this syndrome.

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