Tips against skin burns from overexposure to the sun

There is no quick and effective cure skin burns by overexposure to the sun Once your tan has turned into a burn, the damage is done, however, you can only know how serious it was after 12 to 24 hours that you realize something is not right.

What you can do, according to the Mayo Clinic , are the following recommendations:

Stay cool. Apply in the affected area cold compresses, You can use a wet towel cold water and ice and place it on your skin. Try also to give you cold water baths.

Stay wet . Try to apply moisturizing lotion as often as you can in the affected areas. Avoid using products that contain alcohol, because this could further dry your skin . Also avoid products that have anesthetics such as benzocaine.

Do not touch the blisters. If your burns have generated small blisters Do not break them If you do, you only delay the natural healing of your body and increase the risk of infection. If they bother you a lot, try to cover them with a gauze.

Take an analgesic. If necessary, take medication anti inflammatory , it can be an aspirin or ibuprofen. If the burn is on a child or a teenager, try not to.

If your skin has started to fall, remove it carefully . A few days after the exposure, your skin will begin to "peel off". This happens simply because it is the way your body gets rid of the layer of damaged skin . If this happens to you, do not stop applying moisturizing cream during the process.


Careful with:

If the burns cover a large part of your body, are accompanied by fever or intense pain, or do not see improvements in the appearance of your skin in a few days, consult a doctor .

For avoid future burns, If you are going to tan, use a sunscreen on all your skin and apply it every 3 hours on your body and face. Buy those that protect against ultraviolet A (UVA), ultraviolet B (UVB), SPF protection of at least 15 and with sun protection factor FPS

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