An illness is the way in which the body calls you to stay healthy and is that our body regularly works perfect and we do not pay attention to it; Diseases and emotions can be healed, all are wrong thoughts.

This explains the specialist in Metaphysics, Martha Sánchez Navarro ; in EXCLUSIVE for Facebook Live , because we must learn to control our emotions, accept them and let go to be able to solve and move forward.


There are no sick lovers, if they were sick they are healed "

There are transcendent diseases, but metaphysically speaking, here we explain the intensity and thoughts that are making you sick:



It's a cmental onfusion of many things happening at the same time, it is an unconscious way of time. That's why you're prescribed rest and plenty of fluids.


It's about serene, the liquids clean to help you flow "



Martha explains that this condition, although not painful, is more serious than a cold. They recommend you be in bed, do not move and eat sweet.


Metaphysically speaking, it is love and apapacho, you have to let go of deep thoughts, tantrums, impatience, intolerance; you have to flow "


Damage to the liver

Represents lack of patience, diabetes, jaundice, fatty liver. The cause is always impatience and tantrums.


Problems in the skin

The skin is the largest organ, which covers us from external damages, so people who demand too much and want to be beautiful or perfect suffer acne .


If we are attentive to the opinion of others, it hits us on the skin. If I do not like or I do not accept, it is the main problem of acne, because of this it happens in adolescence "



Martha explains that you are never going to try to eat in a clean place or as healthy. It's all a mental matter, if you think that something you eat is going to hurt you, I'm sure you'll get sick.



They are more thoughts of guilt, everything has a positive and a negative side, our digestion is altered with so much negative thinking.


Digestion is not only the digestive process, we feed on ideas and if we do not learn to let go, this is what causes us problems "

Martha Sánchez Navarro, invites us to get rid of the "recurrent wrong thoughts", When we get sick, our body asks for attention and be aware that we need to love and heal ourselves.


We must understand what emotion affects us and if we are sad accept it, live it and let it go; otherwise we only accumulate negative emotions "


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