The fact that the patient has a scare does not mean that he has been detonated by diabetes, as the Mexican saying "because of the scare gave him diabetes", the patient already had it asymptomatically and at that moment he was manifested symptomatically .

In an interview for GetQoralHealth Dr. María Esther Lozano Dávila, assistant director of aging care for preventive programs and disease control, explains some of the false myths and complications of diabetes.


All patients have the right to know that they are having a condition, regardless of whether they are elderly or not, "says the expert.

Patients must have their glucose tests to monitor the condition and achieve control. There is alternative medicine that is culturally followed, but this does not imply that medical treatment can be substituted.

The key to diabetes is in the control of sugar, physical activity, a balanced diet and well-taken hygienic measures.




  • Cataracts that become a total blindness
  • Damage to the blood vessels that irrigate legs and feet, a blow can generate a wound that can become infected and complicate producing ulcers and sores that lead to amputation.
  • Poor grooming of the nails of the feet and hands
  • A bad footwear, for example plastic sandals or shoes, loose or tight, can generate friction and sores, so the shoe must be an exact size and padded.
  • Socks with very hard seams also produce sores, and very tight socks bind the leg and prevent circulation.
  • With regard to diabetic retinopathy, we can say that the blood vessels of the eyes become damaged to the point of producing total blindness.
  • Another problem is the renal insufficiencies that come to have the patient with peritonial dialysis
  • Be careful with the mouth and injuries in it.
  • Any infection prevents the control of glucose and could lead to a diabetic coma

And all this could have been prevented if you had had control of the disease.

When you have diabetes, visits to the doctor should be done 4 times a year, while when you do not have the regular is to go for a checkup 1 or 2 times a year. "What is the use of living if I do not have a good quality of life?" Concludes the doctor.