When you do not get rid of ...

For more weakness that you have, no matter how tired you are, remember that you should never go to bed without having taken the makeup . The things that happen when you do not remove make-up are not pleasant at all, but it's up to you to avoid them altogether.

In the case of skin , if you want to stay fresh and fresh, you should know that not only is it obtained using expensive creams, but through a diet healthy and proper cleaning before leaving to sleep , Inter alia.


When you do not get rid of ...

1. You can see pimples. Because you prevent the pores eliminate the toxins that accumulated throughout the day. Suppressing a whole process of cleaning and purifying your face . Therefore, they can appear in addition to granites , black dots and expression lines .

2. Ages faster. This means that you face can look tired and begin to show more quickly the signs of the age .

3. Your skin suffers. Another consequence is the loss of elasticity , hydration and tension facial.

4. Skin spots appear. You must take into account that the makeup It usually has a certain degree of chemicals that, when not removed, can be absorbed and intoxicate your skin

5. You have opaque skin. Although this may have its origin in several factors, one of the most important is not to withdraw the makeup at night.

6. You prevent oxygenation. Remember that during the night cells they are more active and the cell renewal . If you do not disrobe, you are preventing the oxygenation from your skin .

7. Affect the nutrition of your skin. If you do not remove the makeup , the sweat , the dust and traces of pollution accumulated during the day, there will be no facial cream, however expensive it may be, that adequately nurtures your skin .

The process of cleaning It is an act that you have to do as a daily ritual. Begin to pamper yourself by taking care of yourself face , making it look more radiant every time and avoid all the things that happen to the remove makeup .

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