Which are?

If you want a smooth complexion with a young and fresh look, look at what you eat because there are certain foods that help moisturize the skin more quickly than any facial.

Data from the National Library of Medicine of the United States reveal that there are foods that improve their appearance and texture due to the nutrients they contain. Also, if they are ingested daily, the results will be reflected in a short time.

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Which are?

For its part, the American Academy of Dermatologist reveals a list of foods that help moisturize the skin effectively and accurately.



It brings more water to the body. It is ideal for the dermis because it moisturizes and softens at the same time.


Eggs and whole grains

The consumption of these foods favor rejuvenation and hydration, thanks to the fact that they contain sulfur.



In addition to its high water content, cucumbers have potassium and vitamin C that prevent dryness and promote the production of collagen.

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