Exercise to the rhythm of Lady Gaga

The last disc of Lady Gaga , Born this WayIt has been a success since its launch. Without a doubt, there are many who remind us of the music of the 80's, simple ones that inspired us to perform Workout routines Madonna style.

Gaga's training with Harley Pasternak , coach who in the past helped celebrities like Halle Berry Y Eva Mendes , consists of a 25 minute routine what combination cardio and strength . Pasternak attributes the flat abdomen of Gaga to an intense regime of ABS daily, as well as the help of certain yoga positions that strengthen the core of the body.

The new musical album of the diva from New York, contains 14 songs that from start to finish last 1 hour, and can be of excellent help to start your daily exercise routine.

If you have decided to start exercising, or want to change the musical track, remember that the first 35 minutes should be songs that accompany the increase of the heartbeats gradually so that your muscles warm up

Then you can begin to include songs with a constant and fast rhythm to continue the last period of the routine and motivate you to continue the effort.

Some recommendations from the album Lady Gaga are: Electric Chapel, Born this Way, Judas and Edge of Glory.

Do not forget to include at least one last song with quiet music so that you mind and your muscles start at relax and you close a perfect training cycle.

Source: Fitsugar.com

Video Medicine: Alejandro By Lady Gaga - GRDanceFitness - Warm Up (February 2023).