Evolve with thought

Sure our reason to exist is not to survive, many people live with the experiences that life gives him, without realizing that he is responsible for everything that happens to them. As spirits we are our purpose is to evolve and remember who we are.

By living in this material world we have identified ourselves with the physical, that is, with what we can see, smell, hear, touch and taste, forgetting our spiritual origin, so it is normal that feelings arise such as the fear of dying , to be betrayed, to not want us, to be abandoned, to the disease , etc.

When we think about all of the above, we end up unconsciously attracting it into our lives, without realizing that it is our thoughts and beliefs that make us live our lives. experiences that we do not like again and again.

It is normal that we blame others for everything that happens to us, forgetting that we cause everything we think and believe, and the effect is what we live, that is, life is an educational game that we learn through experiences .


Live fully

The sorry it is the way to achieve our evolution and transmute experiences. When we understand that we are responsible and stop blaming others, we stop being victims to take responsibility and understand that it was our wrong thoughts that created the experience.

At that time we understand that we should not forgive anyone, since it was us who created the experiences . The only thing I have to forgive is me, to be able to let go and transmute the experience and keep evolving.

Therefore, in your life you should emit phrases like "the more I forgive the more I grow up, to forgive is to pay in advance". To forgive is to understand that we are learning, that the one who knows did not know, that love is the answer to everything and that this is our essence and reason for existing. If you want to know more information visit: //goo.gl/IlpRA

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