Does stress really pull gray?

There is a myth that when we are subjected to a lot of stress, we run the risk of acquiring prematurely, a white mane derived from the pressure to which we subject ourselves daily in our labors.

Gray hair may (or may not) appear on anyone. However, recent studies destroy the myth of its appearance by high exposure to problems at work.

Nina Goad, from the British Association of Dermatologists , conducted a study that showed that hair color is not affected by factors related to the environment in which the person lives, but to genetic factors.

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Dr. David Fischer of Dana Faber Cancer Institute , designed a test in which he studied twins of the third age and his appearance of gray hair. Although in most cases, the living conditions of the study subjects were different despite their family relationship, found no evidence that white hair appeared by a "more difficult lifestyle."

Therefore, it is genetics and not stress, which determines the appearance of these "signs of old age".

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