Does love die?

The pressure of the environment, whether in a work or family aspect, can be a factor that negatively influences the couple's relationship; however, there are behaviors , of the members of the relationship, which can cause love to end.


In the conduct human factors are influential, which can be biological (genes) or social, the latter referring to the influence of family, friends and society on the behavior of every individual, "so a study of the Autonomous University of the State of Hidalgo.


Does love die?

In many cases it is difficult to distinguish a behavior that damages the relationship of partner, since they are so part of oneself that it is done unconsciously. That's why we show you three with information about the psychologist Ana Muñoz.

1. Criticisms Keep in mind that criticizing your partner is not the same as expressing a comment about a situation. In the first case, you are attacking while in the second you are heading towards a conduct or specific fact. It is not the same to say: "It bothers me when you do such a thing because it makes me feel bad" to say, "You are selfish for doing that".

2. Contempt It is one of the most destructive behaviors in a relationship. It can be seen in teasing, comments to ridicule the other person or make you feel inferior, insults, mock imitations, comments that convey the idea that you are superior to your partner or certain gestures that indicate rejection , how to look away with contempt.

3. Be defensive. It consists of looking for excuses and not acceptingto responsibility of our behavior. The excuses convey to the other person the message that you do not take them seriously, trying to make them believe something that is not true.

Only you can control your behaviors, because in you is the power to see how you hurt the other and yourself with them. Take care and reflect!

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