5 tips for your beach vacation

To enjoy your vacation on the beach it is necessary that you plan everything in advance to avoid any kind of surprises. Also, when you arrive at your destination, take the following tips to avoid diseases or sunburns that ruin your happiness.

1.- Sunburn: Apply a sunscreen and expose the sun little by little, that is, the first day is not recommended to exceed 10 minutes of direct exposure, increasing five minutes per day. Remember that the sun's rays are reflected in the sand and in the sea, so do not trust and apply the sunscreen several times a day. Between 11 in the morning and four in the afternoon are the most dangerous hours to expose yourself to the sun.

2.- Feeding : In summer you should take care of food, because high temperatures can damage them and affect your health. Store perishable foods in the refrigerator after purchasing them. Try to keep the fruits and vegetables clean and free of flies or insects.

3.- Beware of animals : Avoid contact with strange animals or insects. Sometimes inside the sea you can sting a jellyfish or step on a sea urchin, if this happens you must wash the affected area with salt water and extract the quill or remove the jellyfish remains. Impregnates the area with alcohol or diluted ammonia. Finally, wash the wound with salt water and smear an ointment with analgesic for pain.

4.- Appropriate clothing: According to the portal Between women , before going on a trip, investigate the climatic conditions of the place. The ideal outfit to enjoy your vacation on the beach is the swimsuit, tank tops, shorts, shorts and sandals.

5.- accessories : This type of products are very important so that your holidays are spectacular. Sunglasses should not be missing in your suitcase, since in addition to protecting you from ultraviolet rays, they will give you a better vision. By using hats and caps you will prevent diseases such as skin cancer or a skin rash.

Do not forget that hydration is essential in your beach vacation, so try to drink two liters a day. Between your activities, organize a day of walking on the beach or just watch the sunset, at which time you can meditate on everything you have done in your life and think about how to improve it. And you, are you ready for your beach vacation?

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