Enjoy to the fullest!

Do you wake up tired, with Muscle pain or simply with lack of courage to start your day? You may suffer from morning stress . However, there are easy actions to take that can help you enjoy your day from morning to your bedtime.

According to a study published by the magazine Age and Aging , the stress It can have more serious physical and emotional consequences than those that occur in old age.


Enjoy to the fullest!

That is why we present 6 strategies that will help you avoid morning stress with information from Huffington Post.

1. Save your keys. Avoidl stress which causes you to look for your keys in the morning. Before going to bed, keep them in your bag or backpack that you will take the next day.

2. Exercise . Reduce the levels of anxiety, depression and stress. According to Matthew Stults of the Yale Center, raising the heart rate can reverse the damage to the brain caused by stressful events.

3. Prepare the breakfast table. This is especially important if you have a child. Make sure the table of the daybreakfast be ready one night before, so you can have more time to prepare other things in the day in a relaxed manner.

4. Choose what you are going to wear. Deciding that you will be placed that same day can be a situation Stressful . Avoid it by choosing the clothes and shoes that you will wear the night before. In addition to helping you see your options, it will increase your time for the morning to do other things.

5. Meditation. You can prevent a lot of future stress responses throughout the day by dedicating only 5 minutes to the meditation at the time of waking up.

6. Write your earrings . Before going to sleep, spend a few minutes reflecting on all your tasks and write them down on paper. This with the objective that nothing you forget in the morning, and thus avoid stress.

Avoid the stress It does not have to be an impossible thing to avoid. Follow these tips and enjoy your life to the fullest.

Video Medicine: Live Life to the fullest | Nick Martin | TEDxFHKufstein (January 2022).