Emotions revealed by brain activity

Several neurology studies have focused on identifying how and where the emotions in the brain and its relation to the rest of the functions of the body, which they have been able to identify, in many of them, thanks to the technique of magnetic resonance and imaging technology that record brain activity.

In this sense, due to the different registers of brain activity, neuroscientists claim to have found the place where social feelings are produced, the conscience Y human emotions , such as shame and even the recognition of facial expressions in other people, according to an article published in Health Science.

Those responsible for this brain activity are the spindles cells in the insular fronto cortex, which differentiate our gray matter in the brain from that of other mammals, explain researchers from the Department of Neuroscience, School of Medicine of Mount Sinai in New York.

There are around 82 thousand large cells in the human brain that are involved in the production organization and manipulation of feelings, of the emotions and morality and are related to cognition learning, memory and recognition of our world area.

These cells, in addition to the right insula of the brain, control and order the emotions ; this region is activated when we look at the being we love, when we perceive injustices, and disappointment when we feel uncertainty.

Also when we are ashamed or when a mother listens to her baby cry. Therefore, according to scientists, conscience and morality are housed in this place.

Amanda Markey, researcher at the Department of Social Sciences and Decisions at Carnegie Mellon University , says that having found a way to determine the emotions According to brain activity, as measured by imaging technology, it has established that people can encode the neuronal information contained in emotions in a similar way.

According to this study published in the journal PLoS ONE, this type of research and techniques not only help to identify emotions generated according to brain activity, but also can do so without depending on information that may or may not provide patients, in order to obtain better results, diagnosis and treatment.

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