Increase cases of heart failure

The cardiovascular diseases They charge 17.5 million lives annually in the world. In Mexico, about 87,000 people die every year because of some heart disease .

According to researchers from the Faculty of Medicine of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), the two most common conditions in our country are the hypertrophy and the heart failure .

What is heart failure?

This condition is related to the fact that the heart It has less capacity than it should to pump blood. Consequently, the person with heart failure You may have difficulty doing some physical activity (such as walking or climbing stairs) or feeling that you short of breath .

This condition is a problem that affects people of any age, although it is more frequent in older adults .

The heart failure It is a chronic disease that can be controlled, it is not cured, but if the patient follows the instructions of his doctor and the care of those around him, he can improve his quality of life.


Care in heart failure

To begin with, the patient and his family have to make changes in their way of life and in their habits to delay the progress of the disease. Among them are:

1. Cooking without salt and without fat . Avoid too heavy meals.

2. Avoid alcohol . Exciting drinks are also not recommended coffee , tea Y soft drinks .

3. No smoking. The tobacco it is a poison for your health; spoils the arteries of the body, especially those of the heart .

4. Monitor the weight . Buy a precise scale and use it every day when you wake up, writing down the results in your notebook.

5. Strictly comply with doctor's instructions about the treatment.

6. Perform physical exercise , if the patient's situation allows it.

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