Damages from a sedentary job

Pain of back , muscle degeneration, heart disease, diabetes , colon cancer and even premature death are the serious consequences of spending many hours seated on a desk.

On average, 70% of office workers are more than five hours sitting at their desk a day, confirm data from the National Institutes of Health of the United States.

On average, 70% of the clerks are over 5 hours sitting at your desk a day


Rob Danoff , doctor and member of the American Association of Osteopaths (AOA) , affirms that "we are a society sedentary , we are sitting most of the time in the office and when we got home we threw ourselves on the couch to watch TV. The combination can be fatal. "


Damages from a sedentary job

For those who have a life sedentary the risks by early death they are older The danger for those who sit eight hours a day increases 15% and for those who are sitting for 11 hours is 40%, compared to those who sit less than four hours.

Because we are programmed to move, being active improves physical and mental well-being, because by staying seated for several hours there is no good blood circulation, the grease at abdomen , increase the weight , as well as the levels of triglycerides .


Even, Toni Yancey , teacher of Health Services of the University of California in Los Angeles, confirms that by sitting for more than an hour, the production of enzymes that eliminate grease of the body is reduced up to 90%.

Other risk factors to develop are the type 2 diabetes Y cardiovascular diseases , because inactivity "slows the metabolism body of the glucose and reduces the levels of "cholesterol good "(HDL) in the blood," says the teacher.

The sedentary lifestyle causes problems of back for poor posture and osteoarthritis muscular .


Get moving!

If for a matter of work or other activities you spend a lot of time seated It is important that you find moments to get moving.

For example, when you talk on the phone, do it foot ; Approach a co-worker's place instead of sending mail or calling him on the phone. Stop to drink water, go to the bathroom or have a snack. In a meeting or conference, he prefers to keep you stopped.

When you are in movement you also benefit your mood, you reduce the stress and you increase your productivity, so today is a good time to get moving. And you, what habits do you have to not be sitting / or a long time?

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