Some people find it harder to work than others increase muscle mass , many times it does not only depend on the exercise, so here we tell you the best food supplements to increase muscle mass.

Studies conducted by US Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine , reveal that powdered protein supplements can generate negative effects in the liver and in some cases cause muscle damage.

These are the food supplements to increase muscle mass :



It is a supplement that increases the ATP ; a molecule that provides energy to the body and increase the volume of muscle mass.

Improves performance in training and wins muscle mass more quickly


Amino acids

The amino acids As leucine, isoleucine and valine, are those that are composed of muscles.

For that reason they are recommended to gain more muscle mass.



The glutamine is a amino acid which helps the growth of muscles.

The production of this amino acid in the body decreases with age, so it is important to consume it so as not to lose muscle mass .



The carbohydrates are some of the supplements to increase muscle mass r.

Many people stop eating carbohydrates because they think they will get fat, but if the carbohydrates they consume are low in calories, they will increase muscle and not fat.

There are also powdered carbohydrates, everything will depend on the preference of each person.

If you exercise a lot and do not upload your muscle mass r may be for lack of any of these supplements. Eat these supplements to increase muscle mass and you will notice the difference.


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