Chronic diseases reduce Mexicans' life expectancy

Chronic non-communicable diseases are the main cause of death and the disbursement of economic resources from the health sector, due to the fact that 13% of total health expenditure is destined for health care, affirmed the federal health secretary , José Ángel Córdova Villalobos .

By leading the meeting of the Business Council Health and Wellbeing, Córdova Villalobos stressed that these diseases reduce the quality and life expectancy of Mexicans, which is 75.4 years on average.

In view of this situation, the person in charge of public health in Mexico reiterated that a comprehensive policy is underway focused on promoting the realization of the physical activity and drinking simple drinking water, grains, vegetables and fruits, and decreasing the intake of fats and sugars:

"It also works on a useful and understandable labeling in processed foods, in order to empower the user and be aware of the number of calories, sodium , Saturated fats Y cholesterol who ingests. "

In this regard, the head of the Federal Health Secretariat (Ssa), said that if you can reduce sodium consumption in Mexico, you could avoid up to 40 thousand deaths per year; the excess of this seasoning causes arterial hypertension , which in turn leads cardiovascular problems .

The diabetes it ranks first with 80,000 deaths annually and is the main cause of renal insufficiency terminal chronic disease, suffering from 300 thousand people, who have less than 10% of the functional kidney, which requires peritoneal dialysis or hemodialysis, whose cost of care amounts to 90 billion pesos annually.

Another 5 million people have kidney damage that does not yet require replacement therapy, but the disease must be prevented from evolving with timely detection and adequate treatment of the disease. diabetes .

The problem, he acknowledged, is that 40% of people with diabetes he does not know that they have the disease and he realizes after 6 years of its onset, because they feel cramps, numbness of the feet, weight reduction and arterial hypertension .

Córdova Villalobos pointed out that chronic noncommunicable diseases are a consequence of the overweight and the obesity which has tripled in recent years due to the change in lifestyles, inadequate nutrition and loss of the practice of physical exercise .

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