Analyze every detail

If you have doubts about your health, all you have to do is watch your hands. They show you if your thyroid is working properly, if your hormone levels are good or if you have proper circulation.


Analyze every detail


1. Red palms

They reveal problems in the liver. When this organ is damaged, the toxins are not efficiently eliminated, which generates a hormonal excess that in turn dilates the blood vessels of the hands and feet.


2. Inflamed fingers

They are a sign of hypothyroidism, a disease that encourages metabolism and causes weight gain and fat accumulation.


3. Pale nails

Normally, by pressing your nails, the skin under them becomes white and immediately after red, if they remain pale for more than a minute, or permanently, it could be anemia, that is, you do not have enough healthy red blood cells.


4. Red lines under the nails

They can occur due to a heart or blood infection that blocks the flow of blood to the capillaries under the nails.


5. Blue or gray finger tips

This would be a sign of Raynaud's syndrome, a circulatory disease that causes temporary spasms in the veins and arteries, which stops the flow of blood. This condition is exacerbated by cold and stress.

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