Blood tests to diagnose allergies

The widespread use of blood test is one of the new lines for to diagnose and give treatment in cases of allergy, released by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, publishes the news agency EuropaPress

"Blood tests play an important role in predicting and effectively managing certain allergies to foods Said Dr. Philippe A. Eigenmann, of the Children's University Hospital of Geneva, Switzerland.

The food allergy It affects millions of people in the world. Studies conducted in the U.S.A. They estimate that 5% of children less than 5 years old and 4% of adolescents (between 10 and 12 million people) have joy to some type of food.

The main causes of allergies are the chicken egg , the milk of cow, peanuts, hazelnuts , wheat, soybeans and seafood , which represent 90% or more of all reactions serious adverse effects in the United States.

The medical history It is not enough to achieve a diagnosis of food allergy. To define the underlying cause of an allergic reaction, a blood test to confirm or rule out a food allergy and avoid unnecessary treatment or restrictions in the diet .

This type of allergies can cause serious damage to the body in even the death for anaphylaxis. Currently there are no treatments to prevent allergy caused by food and their symptom more serious.

The early diagnosis it is the key to a better treatment of those who suffer it, the publication indicates.

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