Bach flowers relieve anxiety

The Bach flowers are a series of natural essences that are used to treat various emotional problems such as anxiety , fear , loneliness, despair, stress , depression and obsessions. The Bach flowers they were discovered by Edward Bach in 1926.

Edward Bach He was a doctor and a homeopath. Experimented with a variety of flowers from Welsh , in Britain . He found 38 flowers, each with different healing properties. These 38 flowers are called Bach flowers .

The Bach flowers help people recover the Mental balance , especially when going through a emotional crisis . The treatment consists in the use of these flowers that are administered in drops.

In the next video Juan Trejo , expert in alternative therapies mentions what are the benefits of the therapy Bach flowers :

A emotional crisis is characterized by having little confidence in himself, feelings of guilt and inferiority, expectation of failure, etc. These feelings if not treated in time can generate serious pathologies such as sexual impotence, anorgasmia , low self-esteem, mental weakness, stress Y fatigue Chronic

It has been shown that therapy with Bach flowers helps to recover the physical and emotional balance needed to fight against these moods that damage the quality of life of those who suffer from it.

Its natural essence helps to renew confidence and reduce the feeling of guilt; strengthens the self esteem and reduces the stress , which undoubtedly improves the mood of any person.

If you are going through a difficult time and you feel overwhelmed by sadness and depression , there is a natural alternative for you. The Bach flowers They will make you feel much better. Cheer up!

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