The accumulation of stress, worries and tensions affect our physical and mental health. For this there are natural therapies that have a relaxing and rewarding effect.

Many women love to pamper us with a good massage, accompanied by a rich tea, music and natural aromas.

Apart from indulging, we manage to relax the mind and body, preventing illnesses that are often caused by accumulated stress.

Fortunately in nature we find ingredients that help us reduce the symptoms derived from a situation that causes stress or tension.

You can improve this situation with these techniques and they will surely change your days.



As its name says, it is a therapy based on aromas whose purpose is to facilitate rest and help the recovery of some evils.

The most used oils are orange blossom, roses and lavender, a very effective tip is to add one to three drops of these oils in a lump of sugar or the equivalent measure would be like a teaspoon of coffee and put it directly on the tongue without ingesting it immediately, The trick is to wait for it to dissolve slowly and to inhale them.


Just relax

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