Are you happy in your job?

José Luis Del Campo Villares, executive and executive coaching of the Eurogalicia Consultores de España company , says that it is important to be very clear about our personality to know how to look for employment, especially the one that gives us the most satisfaction, happiness and economic rewards.

According to the categorizations on personality and work coined by the American psychologist John Holland, Del Campo Villares considers that humans have six possible personalities in which we are more oriented towards one job or another.

1. Extroversion-introversion: Extroverts direct their thoughts towards the consciousness of the outside world and seek interaction with third parties; He is active at work and learns from mistakes with confidence.

Meanwhile, introverts are oriented towards their own world and pay more attention to their internal ideas than to the outside; It is reflective and considers the topics to be dealt with or the tasks to be carried out beforehand, so that afterwards we can carefully act.

2.- Sensory-intuitive: Sensory individuals tend to perceive the world more objectively, concretely and specifically. They usually have a lot of manual dexterity in different applications, from mechanics to surgery.

Intuitive people like to read between the lines and look for different ideas and possibilities to solve different situations at work and have a more joint vision or group of work than an individual to fulfill different functions.

3. Thought-feeling: There are people who rationally analyze situations and are based on objective and interpersonal criteria; they are firm workers who establish cause and effect relationships and pay special attention to the logical order of business processes, as well as being skeptical.

For their part, individuals who make decisions by feeling, apply their personal priorities to a particular situation, taking into account their own values ​​and human motives and those of others. They are characterized by being harmonious and confident in addition to giving value to the effect of human relationships.

4. Process of relationship with the external world: Individuals who capture the outside world with judgment are individuals who want to bring things in their lives to a conclusion and tend to enjoy planning and order. They avoid using perception to avoid confusion.

While the people who capture the world through perception, like to keep their options open, enjoy having a wide range of possibilities and wait until the last moment to make a decision based on information and arguments.

The ideal of collecting money and being happy at work is something that we all want but which, unfortunately, does not tend to abound, everything depends on ourselves to achieve a work well-being and take advantage of the knowledge that is within our reach. And you, what kind of personality do you have?

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