8 steps to achieve a perfect marathon

8 steps to achieve a perfect marathon

According to the magazine Sport Life, there are 8 aspects that you need to perform to guarantee the success of your sports career.

1. The day before your marathon , you must hydrate for the whole day. Take a bottle of water with you, but drink a maximum of 3 liters of water. Consume fruits, such as orange, kiwi, pear and grapes, as these, in addition to moisturizing, reduce your levels of stress Y anxiety

2. Analyze your strategy. Think about the plan of your career and the pace you want to run. Use positive mental images . Once you have visualized yourself and experienced the feeling of triumph, you will no longer talk throughout the day of the race. Think of something else

3. Check your equipment. Before sleep , leave your career clothing ready; check that everything is ready, not to be racing and prevent the "nerves" from taking over you

4. Eat carbohydrates. For example, pasta, or rice; both will satisfy you and give you the energy you need for your competition. If you add a little bit of protein like grilled fish, you metabolism will work better

5. Activate two alarms. Usually when we know we have something pending, the biological clock "wakes us up" and we can not reconcile the dream , so every two or three hours, you get up to see the clock, for fear of falling asleep, so that this does not happen, put two alarms and rest. This is key to give the maximum in your sports preparation

6. On the day of the race, bathe with hot water and at the end, rinse with warm water. This will allow you to heat your muscles and optimize your flexibility

7. Have a light breakfast . A good option is that you eat yogurt with cereal, a banana and a small glass of orange juice

8. Think positive . While waiting for the start, to start the race, fill your mind with positive words and images and feel very happy

Remember that the physical and emotional preparation are determinant for the success or failure of everything you do.

Video Medicine: The Science of Marathon Running (February 2020).

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