7 keys to get up early and perform more

Do you have trouble waking up every morning? Various studies of universities of Toronto and Heidelberg it is suggested, each one, that early risers are more proactive, productive and happier. To give you more in the day, we give you seven tips to get up early.

According to information published by the portal Helpguide.org , the following tips will help you to have a more relaxed life and a deep rest, which will benefit your body so that it has the energy to get up early:


  1. Avoid postponing the alarm. When your alarm goes off, wake up, turn it off and start doing some stretching exercises. This will fill you with energy and avoid morning stress due to some delay.
  2. Do not stay awake too late. If you go to bed after 12 o'clock at night every day it is normal for your performance to go down and you feel tired all the time.
  3. Have breakfast. Eating food in the morning will activate your metabolism and give you the energy to start your day.
  4. Decrease caffeine consumption This type of drinks can alter your body, especially if you take them at night. A study published in the magazine Sleep , notes that the caffeine consumed six hours before sleep affects as if it had taken three hours of bedtime.
  5. Make a routine. Schedule yourself every morning to do the same activities, this will prevent you from wasting time improvising them.
  6. Organize your appointments in morning hours. When you start your activities early, it will be easier for you to create the habit of waking up early.
  7. Make your bed. Get up, open the curtains and windows so fresh air enters your bedroom. Bathe and return the bed tends, so you avoid the temptation to go back to sleep and you will feel more energetic.

The excess of sleep in the mornings can be generated by several factors, such as the frequent use of electronic devices at night or exercise before bedtime.

For these habits, many people find it hard to get up early, so try to change your routine a bit like exercising in the morning, avoid the presence of computers, television or cell phones in your bedroom.

With this, you will notice how little by little you will become a morning person and more productive. And you, what advice do you follow to get up earlier each day?

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