5 tips to choose the best sports shoes

If you are going to start running like a professional, you should take into account the type of Sports shoes that you are going to use, since this depends to a large extent on Health of yours muscles and bones. According to University of Houston , you must avoid choosing the shoes only because of their design, you must recognize which is the most suitable for your needs. GetQoralHealth It tells you what aspects to consider before choosing a pair of running shoes.

1. Surface: Running in a park or on a clay track is not the same. If you choose a pair of ultralight tennis shoes to run on a cobbled ground, your feet will suffer the consequences. Therefore, you must be a model that provides the support and cushioning necessary for the surface on which you are going to run.

2. Identify: The kind of place where you're going to start running.

3. Type of footprint: Each person has a different type of footprint, so it is convenient that when choosing tennis, look for the right ones for your type of footprint.

4. Meet: There are three types of tread that are based on the height of the arch of the foot . If your feet are flat or with low arcs and tend to go inward, it means that you are an overpronar. If your arcs are very high and your feet they are going out you tend to supinate. If you have normal bows, your pronation level is normal.

5. If you are a pronator, choose tennis shoes that have a post inside to support that area. If you are a supinator, look for tennis where the support is on the outside or on the heel .

Currently there are many models of tennis on the market that adapt to the needs of each runner, choose those that take care of your Health and avoid injuries. Beware!

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