Learn to be a leader

For many years, postulates such as the so-called "trait theory" defended the idea of leadership as a result of a certain genetic load, and ensured that be a leader was born with "the chip put", with an outstanding personality and show a great capacity to attract people.

The best leaders inspire passion through their positive energy and motivate their followers to perform at their best, to give their best. Therefore, be a Leader It is not something that everyone achieves in life.


Learn to be a leader

A person can be a leader in certain circumstances and not in others, but for this it is necessary to have certain qualities. To exercise a leadership effective certain skills are needed that with perseverance can be developed, among which are:

1. Know how to listen, be understanding and use the empathy.
2. Value the abilities of others and always contribute ideas to the group.
3. Invite others to continue with optimism .
4. Be visionary and always know where you are going.
5. Know what you want and act in accordance with that.
6. Be honest, trustworthy and credible.

The leadership it can be learned, according to research, but it is necessary to clarify that it is not rank, privilege, or money, but rather it is the responsibility in the exercise of power and in the "empowerment" of its followers. Therefore, true leaders are doers, not just preachers.

In this regard, the doctor in psychology Richard Boyatzis explains that the Leader that understands the needs of the group triumphs, while who only focuses on external goals such as victory or power, fails just in the area that matters most: fill the lives of his followers.

More than charisma, beauty or glamor, spirituality can make a common individual a Leader real, not because he was born as such, but because he had the courage to feed his interior and share this wealth.

Video Medicine: Dr. Myles Munroe - HOW TO BECOME A LEADER Break away from your struggling mindset. POWERFUL (August 2022).