The copal

We're already out of the Day of the Dead celebration.

How many of us are already to put the famous offering, so full of color and tradition?

When I was a little girl, I loved helping my mother put it on and today, after many years, when I smell the classic aromas that an offering gives off, it is to transport myself to that age.

The smell of copal, the flower of cempasúchil and the fruits can make you feel more relaxed, so take advantage of this season to have your own aromatherapy session from your home.

Each aromatic element in the offering awakens our senses, chemically our brain reacts to the smells, creating an emotional bond with each of the aromas. The aromas act on the limbic system of the brain, which is what manages our emotional responses.

A study of American Academy of Otolaryngology , says that olfactory stimuli influence our dreams.

Observing a positive response when your smell is exposed to certain aromas. The human body, after being invaded by odors, acts positively or negatively, as the case may be; with pleasant smells: positive response, with unpleasant odors: negative response.


The copal

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