5 habits that make you smarter

All people would like to be the smartest or enjoy a brilliant mind that helps us achieve our goals and successes; However, our habits can be the best allies to achieve this.

According to the psychologist Susanne Jaeggi , of the University of Michigan , intelligence is an attribute that is used or lost, so it must be exercised constantly, and that requires effort and dedication.


5 habits that make you smarter

Several studies detail that habits are the key to stimulate our intelligence, but, what are the ones that help?


  1. Frown. According to a study of the Columbia Business School This habit encourages attention to detail and prevents people from reacting viscerally and choosing to think.
  2. Sleep . An investigation of the University of Wisconsin , in the United States, details that resting properly at night increases the production of cells that protect brain circuits.
  3. See things objectively . According to information published in The Huffington Post , the way in which the situation is perceived has a great power to either help or make things worse, that is why it is important to observe things clearly.
  4. Positive attitude . In accordance with Paul Harvey, professor at the University of New Hampshire , points out that people with brilliant minds recognize that their plans could have ups and downs, but they do not lose the effort to achieve it.
  5. Emotional stability . Many studies detail that meditation helps improve memory and intelligence, because it generates emotional stability and provides the ability to keep the cold mind in unfavorable situations.

Also, remember that excessive worry about happiness can favor an unhealthy attitude and prevents the mind from working properly. Therefore, people who have a brilliant mind accept positive and negative emotions. And you, what habits do you put into practice to be more intelligent?

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