30 thousand breast implants will be withdrawn in Europe

Health authorities in France analyze extracting the implants mammals that received some 30 thousand women in that country, because prosthesis , manufactured by the company Poly Implant Prothese (PIP), could cause health risks.

According to information published by the BBC World , in a research it was detected that the implants were produced with poor quality industrial silicone, with a high rupture potential.

For this reason, since March 2010, the French authorities suspended the use, marketing, distribution and export of PIP implants. The company was declared insolvent; however, it is expected that in 12 years of operation, it sold and exported some 300,000 prostheses, mainly in Europe.

The following video explains the differences between a good quality prosthesis and PIP implants:

The specialists consider that when performing a cosmetic surgery, it is important to check that the products used are of good quality and of a reliable origin.

Industrial silicone

A research conducted by the Society of Plastic Surgeons of France in 2010, found that PIP implants showed a much higher degree of rupture than others, and that their silicone was not appropriate for medical use.

Some reports indicate that since then 523 implants have been extracted. According to information published by the newspaper Liberation, eight cases of Cancer in patients who received the PIP implants, and a ninth patient died of this neoplasm last year.

However, the president of the National Cancer Institute of France , Dominique Maraninchi , affirmed that those cases were not necessarily linked to defective implants.

The specialists recommend to review the implants that will be placed in the body, because the low cost prosthesis could have a greater probability of rupture during the first year, to the other prostheses that on average should last 10 years. And you, would you like to increase the size of your breasts?

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Video Medicine: The French government is urging women with breast implants from the French company PIP, Poly Implant (May 2024).