1. Drink lots of fluids

In times of heat, cases of diarrhea up to 30% The easy decomposition of food is one of the first causes of this situation among children, although adults are not exempt, says Gonzalo Antonio Neme Díaz , pediatrician Los Angeles Villahermosa Hospital .

When you have diarrhea You lose important nutrients, such as calories, vitamins, water, sodium and potassium, which will lead you to generate other problems such as dehydration , weakness, lack of energy to carry out your activities and even lose weight, affirms the Cleveland Clinic .

Although the diarrhea disappears without treatment after a few days, experts recommend to follow certain measures that will help you to end it.


1. Drink lots of fluids

More than eight glasses of Water up to date. It is important that you add one or two for each episode in the bathroom, to compensate for the loss, indicates the Cleveland Clinic . It includes natural fruit juices and broths, for a quicker recovery.


2. Eat soft foods

The jellies, yogurt or pudding, in addition to providing you with liquids, suit you well stomach and help regulate its operation. You should eat solid foods as soon as you feel able to do so, in small and light portions, recommends the National Health Service (NHS) .


3. Avoid sugar and fat

With this you reduce the amount of water in the intestine and you reduce the number of episodes of diarrhea. It is also important that you do not consume spicy foods and other foods that irritate the stomach and aggravate the symptoms.


4. Eat probiotics

The probiotics contain strains of bacteria which are similar to those found in the digestive system, when consuming them, the germs present in the tract indicate Mayo Clinic . You can find them in yogurt and cheese presentations.


5. Use of serums

Useful both to prevent and to alleviate dehydration for diarrhea. The NHS indicates that there are formulas that can be purchased without a prescription, they dissolve in water and replace salt, glucose and other minerals. They are essential especially for children .


6. Say yes to bread

While you have diarrhea It is good to consume bread products made from white and refined flour, such as white rice, wheat cereals and toasted corn flakes. You can also eat tortillas, all in quantities that you tolerate, indicates the National Institutes of Health .

In Mexico, about five million cases of diarrhea , and salmonella, cholera, shigella, rotavirus, E. coli and enteropathogenic are the cause of 70% of the most serious cases, according to the Secretary of Health (SSa) .  

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