10 seduction tips for unbridled sex

All relationships need to rekindle passion from time to time. It does not matter if they have been dating for 6 months, or 5 years of marriage, these tricks will make him just think of getting home to have rampant sex at the entrance.

1. Undress in front of him: If you are sitting on the couch watching TV, get up for a glass of water and casually take off your blouse. We assure you that you will capture their attention. If you walk to your room taking off your bra, it will go after you.

2. Call him by phone: Call him when he's about to leave work and tell him you can not take a minute without him. Some dirty talking in your ear and you will arrive home in five minutes (Before doing this, make sure you are not in a meeting, or something that involves more people, as it may be counterproductive).

3. Leave with the desire: One Sunday morning wake him up with caresses, play for a while in bed and without warning get up and get ready to bathe. Go shopping or eat, and touch it whenever you are alone or no one is watching. When they return home, they will make love to you as they did the first few times.

4. Suck a palette: Eat an ice cream or a palette in front of him. If you do it casually, as if you were not thinking about sex, you will turn it on irrationally.

5. Play in public: If you are at a restaurant or dinner with friends, take your hand and put it on your leg. Increase it slowly as you continue the conversation. Do not be surprised if you decide to return home earlier than usual.

6. Wake it up: Sex in the morning is great, especially if you start it. Awaken it with kisses and sensual movements that make you feel that you are more than ready for action. If you want to do it at dawn, you will not complain about sleeping an hour less to satisfy you.

7. Undress it: Opening your button-to-button shirt is super sexy. Unbutton his clothes while you stare him in the eyes, without saying anything. If you do it at the entrance of your house you will be so surprised that you will not be able to move until you finish.

8. Surprise him with some fantasy: If you know your boy's fantasies, surprise him. Disguise yourself as a nurse, maid, kindergarten teacher, whatever you know that catches your mind. If it's something you've never done, you'll be pleasantly pleased.

9. Call it from a sex shop: Go to a sex shop and call him to tell him what you bought. He will arrive home earlier than usual.

10. Spend the night in a hotel: This is a good way to get out of the routine. Invite him to spend a night away from home, the simple fact of changing the stage will motivate him to have a very sensual encounter with you, especially if you release some lingerie that night.

Do not hesitate to dress provocatively so that you ignite your partner's desire. By following these tips to the letter, you will feel as if it were the first time. And you, how do you seduce your partner?

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