10 reasons for a facial cleansing with oils

A good alternative to clean or wash your face is an essential oil used as a cosmetic treatment, because it provides the nutrients that have been lost over time and environmental agents, in addition to fighting the signs of aging.

To apply an essential oil, distribute an equivalent amount to the tip of a finger with small contacts on the face. Then, distribute the oil using circular movements. This application and distribution must be made without pressing the skin.

When using an essential oil, always keep a distance of approximately 1 cm between the end of the eyelids and the angles of the eyes. Start with your forehead and continue slowly to both sides of the face, it does not matter that you apply only a small amount.

Each time you apply an essential oil on your face for a proper facial cleansing, take the opportunity to give the same treatment to your neck and neckline. Remember, essential oils should never be applied concentrated, but diluted in a carrier oil.

Video Medicine: How To Oil Cleanse | The Oil Cleansing Method with Britta Plug (April 2021).