1. Crunch

Do you want to show off an abdomen and flat stomach ? Effort and perseverance are key for you to have good results with any exercise routine . Such is the case of these exercises that our SportCity instructors have created for you.

To achieve a abdomen Y flat stomach just follow this routine throughout your week, give yourself a few minutes each day and you will see that you will soon have excellent results with this type of exercises and I work for your abs and hip.


1. Crunch

Exclusively for GetQoralHealth, Nancy Tafoya, instructor of group classes , explains how to perform crunch and its different variants: inverted, bending and alternating legs, routine with you will achieve tone your core abdominal muscles, as well as reduce your hips and have a flat stomach. Check the video:


2. Oblique abs

The coach CArlos Velázquez, specialist in functional training , explains in the following video how to strengthen your oblique abs with a simple routine that includes two variants, which will also help you tone your waist:


3. Crunch and intermediate obliques

Salvador Garayzar, specialist in functional training , teaches you to strengthen your abdomen with abdominals using some auxiliaries in your routines, such as the bosu and mat, with which you will achieve in a short time an abdomen and flat stomach.

Now you know how to achieve a flat abdomen and belly, so do not miss the next installment of our weekly routine, where we will teach you how to feel great with you and get the figure you've always wanted.

Video Medicine: Crunch - 1 (Complete Album / Álbum Completo) (May 2024).