What to do in the face of an explosion

This afternoon there was an explosion in the basement and the first floor of the alternate building of the Pemex Tower , in Mexico City. The Rescue squad Y Medical emergency , the ERUM, indicates that so far there are 75 people injured and more than 20 trapped.

According to information from The Excelsior , Condor helicopters of the SSPDF carry out the transfer of several people who present major injuries to the Pemex hospital in Azcapotzalco and one located to the south of the city.

Personnel of the Mexican Red Cross inform that in the place of the facts they work near of 25 ambulances; which have moved several people to the Pemex hospital in Azcapotzalco and the same group located in Polanco, but What to do in case of a fire?

What to do in the face of an explosion

When a fire is imminent, first of all, try to remain calm, a high percentage of accidents occur due to the panic caused by disasters that by the very fact.

Immediately notify firefighters and emergency service; the number is 068 (firefighters), in Mexico City, if you are elsewhere, we recommend that you investigate which one corresponds to your area and that you have it at hand. When activating the emergency service, it provides the precise data about the fire (origin or cause, location, and characteristics of the affected area).

If the fire is of small magnitude and you know how to use the fire extinguisher, try to extinguish it; If you are not trained, leave immediately, DO NOT try to be a hero .

When attacking the fire, notice that the air does not direct the flames towards you. Never turn your back on the fire, until you are sure it has been completely smothered. If possible, close the gas valves and lower the light switch. Close doors and windows by moving away from the area where the fire is located.

A timely evacuation can save the life of your loved ones. If you consider that you can not put out the fire, get out of that place and try to make those who accompany you do the same, in an extreme case, it is preferable to lose some assets that risk the physical integrity of your family, friends and yours.

Cover your mouth and nose with a damp cloth, if the smoke is excessive, crawl to avoid intoxication by inhaling smoke. It evicts the property through the previously established evacuation routes. Do not use elevators. Do not waste time looking for personal items.


What to do if you get caught

If, unfortunately, you are trapped, however difficult it may seem, keep calm. Locate a wall and move along it. Try to get as far away from the fire as possible. Do not open doors if you notice that they are hot, surely there is fire behind them. Find yourself in a place that you consider less insecure. If you can, ask for help, specifying the place where you are.

What to do if someone's clothes burns ?

The attention in these cases is crucial, the severity of the damage to the victim depends on the way in which they are treated. Do not let him run away, make him lie on the floor and cover his face and neck with his hands. Make it roll slowly on the ground, wrap it with a cloth or thick blanket to extinguish the flames by suffocation.

Once there is no longer fire, place it in a ventilated place and out of danger. Immediately request help to emergency medical services (066 if you are in Mexico City).

After the fire

Once you have left the building, move away from the place of the accident so as not to hinder the work of specialized groups in emergency care. Do not return until you receive instructions.


Tips for the use of fire extinguishers

• Dismantle it from its base; hold it on the handle and hold it upright.
• Hold it at a safe distance from the fire, supporting it on the inside of the leg.
• Break the plastic lock (turn it like a key).
• Pull the safety pin.
• Direct the hose to the base of the fire, squeeze the handle and make a back and forth motion to sweep the fire.
• Put down the extinguisher when it is empty.
• Make sure the fire is completely off.

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