Science gives you 7 reasons to be friendly!

How many friends do you have? Some people count their fingers, others need more than two hands to name them, but how are the benefits of friendship reflected in your physical and mental health?

According to several studies, you gain many things by being more friendly, especially for your health, so it is time to strive to renew the link with those who did not see for a long time or meet more people.


Science gives you 7 reasons to be friendly!


  1. Forget about diseases. According to researchers from the Carnegie Mellon University , people who have less friends are 4.2 more likely to catch a cold. Another study published in the magazine Cancer He details that people with broad social support have lower levels of a protein linked to more aggressive types of cancer.
  2. Healthy brain A study of University of Michigan notes that people who chatted with friends for 10 minutes have better memory and perform logic exercises faster
  3. Goodbye depression. An investigation of Harvard suggests that proximity and the amount of contact with a friend reduce blood pressure, protect against dementia and reduce depression.
  4. Take care of your heart Researchers of the Humboldt State University points out that people who have many friends register less cardiovascular and stress problems.
  5. Lengthen your life A study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health He details that people who are friendly live longer. That is, your risk of dying is reduced by 22%.
  6. Avoid obesity. Making friends since childhood is vital to prevent obesity, according to a study published in Annals of Behavioral Medicine . This is because socialization acts as a substitute for food and avoids the consumption of foods that trigger overweight.
  7. They reduce the pain. An investigation published in the magazine Psychosomatic Medicine He mentions that the perception of pain is reduced when a friend is close to us.

According to specialists from Mayo Clinic, There is no ideal number of friends, as some feel good about having a large number, while others prefer a small circle.

The important thing is to reflect what works well for you and feed the relationship to improve quality, so avoid the competition, adopt a healthy self-image, forget about the complaints and acquire a positive attitude to enjoy your friends as much as possible. And you, do you already enjoy the benefits of friendship?

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