The Atkins diet, its pros and cons

The Atkins diet It was created by the Dr. Robert Atkins more than three decades ago and has become one of the most famous, because people do lose weight.

The doctor's diet Atkins promises to reduce up to four kilos the first week. It is based on consuming high doses of protein and reducing the intake of healthy foods, such as legumes, vegetables and carbohydrates.

Some of the foods that can be consumed, without restrictions are: meat (except liver), fish and seafood; fat of any kind (mayonnaise, oil and butter); eggs; fresh and aged cheeses, but these should be eaten in moderation.

The foods that can not be consumed are: sugar (honey, fruit, etc ...), flours, cereals, vegetables, vegetables and milk.

Reality of the Atkins diet

Although the Atkins diet gives good results with regard to weight loss, it does have some disadvantages for health. In this regard, Dr. Pilar Milke from INational Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition , points out:

"This diet does lose weight and we are satiated, through fat, but it is not beneficial for the body, since they consume many proteins and forget the vegetables and fruits that are necessary for the proper functioning of the body" .


One of the main harmful effects of this diet is that by consuming so much fat and almost no carbohydrates, the kidney works too much and affects the body's metabolism:

"In addition, the digestion process slows down; organs are damaged and can lead to cardiovascular problems, especially if it is done for a prolonged period, "said the health specialist.

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