What qualities should it have?

You are in your 30's and you know perfectly what you want, especially when it comes to men.

You are no longer looking for that adventurous, handsome or handsome man to whom you endured everything. Your tastes and demands have changed and you are not the only one.

When you reach 30 Many women are more clear about their goals. Their decisions to choose a partner change with respect to their personal growth and biological clock, "says Helen Fisher, professor of anthropology at Rutgers University.

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What qualities should it have?


Have a good conversation

At this age it is essential that the man we seek can talk, share experiences, know and know how to listen.


That is mature

Finding a man who is sure of himself, who has no doubts about what he wants, is a treasure.


That be honest

It is key to be able to talk about everything that happens, communicate openly about feelings and concerns.


Have a sense of humor

It is basic that he can laugh and face the difficulties that the world throws us with a little humor. You will have extra points if it makes you laugh.


Make it good in bed

A woman knows that when a man can take care of her in bed, he will take care of her outside of her. The enthusiasm of a man for our body is much more important than his sexual skills.


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